Rank: A-
Power: 3,278
Life: 30,763
Speed: 3,355
Trait: Stun Immunity

In Aegyptian myth she is the cat-headed goddess of destruction and life and in the game she is one of the best defensive Earth-type monsters.

Overview Modifier

Basthet may looks kinda friendly and harmless but you should never, never, never underastimate her - this would be your doom for sure!

She is able to build full shields and double your team's life while she couldn't be stunned and possess some strong moves with no cooldowns or with only low cooldowns. If you gave her three Team Life runes and team her up with other monsters which have high life (especially Metalhëad and Ouros or General Atum) she can be a very dangerous staller too.


  • She have some strong skills with no cooldown
  • Her trait is great
  • She can do multi-stun and damage reduction
  • Her special skill is Dark-type and can be usefull against other Earth-monsters
  • Awesome Supporter: Double life to all allies!
  • Great wall-counter against VoltaiK or Zyla the Faithful
  • Great life


  • Weak against freezing, possession and burning
  • Teams with Krampus (or any fast monster which can freeze) AND Barbatos are her biggest nightmare.

Counters Modifier

If you want to count her, you definitely needs fast Water-type monsters or Krampus to freeze her down before she can build shields or double life and a Dark-type attacker which can deal big damage. Barbatos or General Nishant should work well against her.

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