With the end of the suspect test of R.O.F.L., Arch Knight and Cupid, we are starting another. This time, we have Pixelion, Goldfield and Exo Skeel that all have the chance to climb up of one rank:

  • Pixelion (B -> B+): Pixelion isn't all that impressive, but he's certainly unique with the fact that he can do critical damage to three types instead of one and he can inflict burn, freeze and a random effect. He is quite diversed and he got a great trait. So maybe he deserves more.
  • Goldfield (C+ -> B-): Goldfield has always been a very interesting monster to me. He is such a great supporter, he even seem to sometimes surpass some newer monsters much like Lord of the Atlantis. However, he got very poor stats, except his life. So...does he deserve more?
  • Exo Skeel (A- -> A): This is probably the most likely one to actually happen. Exo Skeel is really strong, very powerful, does a crap ton of damage. He's way too good for the A- rank if you ask me.

So, let us know what do you think of these changes. The suspect test will end in a week.

Thanks for your support!!! :)

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