Captain Copperbeard
Captain Copperbeard
Rank: AA
Power: 3,531
Life: 30,763
Speed: 3,465
Trait: Immune to Stun

Captain Copperbeard is probably the best metal denier in the game. He even doubles as an attacker/supporter, which makes him a very dangerous opponent.


Captain Copperbeard has an multi burn and stun move, along with many bleeding attacks, and an anti timeron move, which makes him very very useful during battles.


  • Great Power
  • Good Health
  • Very good denier
  • Multi-Burn
  • Removes Cooldowns without cooldown


  • Bad Speed
  • Attacks have bad AOE, except for one
  • Not the best trait
  • Multi-Attacks are only good because of traits


Beep Boop Bop

  • All Aboard
  • Squadron Lorazo
  • Blakely 12 lbs
  • The Dead do not lie
  • 3 Speed Runes/2 Speed Runes and 1 Strength Rune

Captain Copperbeard has a multi stun a multi burn and then the no more cooldowns move. He also has his best attacking move, The Dead Do Not Lie, with a 70 AOE and bleeding.


Captain Copperbeard is a very hard monster to verse, but any denier, such as Caillech, can take him down with a freezing or confusing move. Hiriom the Tenacious is good for megastun and General Thetys is good for getting rid of his stamina. After immobilizing him you can kill him in any way, but Eggeater is probably the best magic monster to deny and kill him.