General Shannara
General Shannara
Rank: A-
Power: 3,454
Life: 25,334
Speed: 3,454
Trait: Tough

General Shannara is the Magic-type general. It is mostly an attacker who's main purpose is to destroy Metal-type monsters.


General Shannara was always seen as a weaker general compared to others like General Atum or General Thetys. However, with the hate, there is also praise for what this monster can do. A great point about General Shannara that has been seen is how good she is at killing Timerion. Another good point is how good her stat distribution is for a monster of her kind. Overall, General Shannara is feared mostly by Metal-type users and is pretty good general, even if she is far behind the best of them.


  • Her skills have very high power in general.
  • Her power and speed are both great.
  • The Metal-type being common, she is useful quite often.
  • Low cooldowns in general


  • Most of her skills only do damage, she lacks status effects. Especially a status effect that affects all the opposing team.
  • Her life is quite low.


Magic is coming

  • Mystic Teleport
  • Fire Astral Form/Nature Astral Form
  • Anagram Power
  • Anagram Force
  • 3 Power Runes/2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Mystic Teleport doesn't have any cooldown and it stuns the target, making it a great move to use. Fire Astral Form burns while Nature Astral Form poisons, choose the one you need the most. The last two moves are damaging Magic-type moves that target all foes. Anagram Force is move powerful, but has a longer cooldown. It should be used first.


General Shannara mostly deals damage and counters Metal-types. Using a Magic-type is going to weaken her attacks and because most Magic-types can possess such as Eggeater, using them is a good choice to make her mostly useless. Nature-types are strong against Shannara, but because this type is rather weak offensively, it isn't a direct counter. Removing General Shannara's stamina seems like an excellent strategy as most of her moves are expensive on stamina. General Thetys does great at removing stamina. Shakti also got a stamina removing move that might help you taking her down.

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