Rank: S+
Power: 3,465
Life: 42,525
Speed: 2,926
Trait: Stun Mountain

Here lies the second half of Ouros, A Towering Volcano! though this duplicate can't seem to reach SS class...


Igursus is basicly a version of Ouros as an attacker. His moves sadly are not as withstanding. He does Burning and Quicksand, and the only scary move is Vesuvius. Though - how scary that is! This wall of fire can withstand a lot - but only he can, none of his teammates. He is overall a good monster, and great contestant for Evil Legions.


  • Vesuvius is an amazing move
  • Incredible Health
  • Burn all
  • Massive shields
  • Eyjafjallajökull can pretty much kill anything
  • Mountain Trait


  • Easily killed by General Thetys
  • Speed is really bad
  • Does practically no damage
  • Cooldowns
  • All attacks use lots of stamina

Movesets Modifier

Mountain Igniter

  • Mauna Loa
  • Pacaya
  • Krakatoa
  • Vesuvius


As said before, General Thetys is good as long as you use stamina devourers. If you don't have that, any non-freeze depending water type can do well. Another good use is Possessors like Eggeater. If all else fails, use Layth.

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