Rank: A
Power: 3,498
Life: 31,969
Speed: 3,311
Trait: Hardened

Layth is a king from Rome.... He is a pure attacker.


Layth is ranked A in viability ranking because he is an unique monster in his element and having an unique skill that applies reaper countdown. He is solid, strong and a bit bulky with a good trait and good skills and a OK speed. He misses some AOE moves that's why he fails in climbing higher ranks.


  • His stats are good in general
  • He can do massive damage
  • He can apply reaper countdown in a regular skill
  • Good trait


  • His speed is not very high
  • Most of his moves have decent cooldowns
  • He lacks an AOE move


I rule the earth !

  • Legio Romana
  • Damnatio ad Bestias
  • Alea lacta Est
  • Duplex Sectis
  • 3 Power Runes

Duplex Sectis is your lowest cooldown move for Timerion which does solid light damage. Alea lacta Est applies reaper countdown which helps against VoltaiK to kill him in only 4 of his spamming moves, Legio Romana deals massive light damage with a not bad cooldown and this is Barbatos's nightmare. Damnatio ad Bestias is your move that does solid special damage with making target bleed so it's great against other light monsters.


Timerion is good to use here, any good metal attacker like Drazza and Metalhëad help taking him down

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