Master Skeel
Master Skeel.jpg
Rank: A
Power: 3,355
Life: 30,461
Speed: 3,421
Trait: Instant Death Immunity

Master Skeel is the ruler of the alien army: the Skeels. He specializes in status effects.


Master Skeel is very fast and his other stats are also very good. Not only can he give bad status effects, he can boost his allies. All of his status are random, so you will need luck to make him work. Still, he has some pretty powerful moves and can deal damage too. Tho, he shouldn't be your main attacker.


  • He can inflict a lot of bad status effects
  • He can boost his allies
  • His stats are very good


  • He requires luck to work effectively
  • On his own, he is pretty weak


Lead me to your master

  • Overcome/Nullify Control
  • Alpha Waves/Beta Waves
  • Omega Waves
  • Empowered Control
  • 3 Team Speed Runes/3 Team Power Runes

Master Skeel has one immobilizing move. Overcome stuns and does damage while Nullify Control possess and gives other status effects. Alpha Waves and Beta Waves both give one random status effects to all the foes, but Beta Waves also deals damage while Alpha Waves has no cooldown. Omega Waves gives two random effects and deals damage to all foes. Empowered Control boosts all your team with a random effect.


Master Skeel is beaten by Light monsters such as Lux Aura. He can also be weakened by Timerion as he does suffer from big cooldowns, if he doesn't carry Alpha Waves. Master Skeel might also be unlucky and give you useless status effects such as Magnetized on a Light monster. A monster that gets rid of bad status effects such as Goldfield makes beating this monster a lot easier.

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