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That's Right! Welcome to the first NEWS AND UPDATE article on the wiki. This is to discuss whether or not the new updates are good or bad, and if the new updates allow monsters to raise up ranks in the Viability Ranking

The UpdateModifier

If you don't know, the new update is the Possession Update. This makes your team automatically attack when possessed, which means that you cannot charge (Unless your monster has no stamina), and you have no choice in the attack done - as the AI controls it.

Effects/New RanksModifier

This makes a HUGE difference in the new defencial part of monster legends, and makes possessors that much dangerous on defence. Any monster that has possession has the opportunity to raise up a rank, if not two! This, of course, is depending on how good they are currently. The monsters affected include:

Reptie (Possibly A >> A+ or AA)

Baba Yaga (Possibly A+ >> AA)

Metalhëad (Possibly AA >> S)

Eggeater (Possibly A+ >> AA)



I think this is actually a need, and effective, update. Possession before was just a more useful version of stun, one which you can actually charge in, but now it has its actual purpose shown. There so, it is a VERY dangerous move to come across. I still believe, though, that it needed to be done.

Final ExaminationModifier

Main Likes

  • Needed Update
  • Makes game more practical
  • Important

Main Dislikes

  • Monsters with possession are much better
  • Monsters with possession are more common

Final Statement

  • It's good

What did you think? Leave your comments, questions, and suggestions in the comment box below!

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