Rank: A+
Power: 3,476
Life: 29,556
Speed: 3,465
Trait: Blind Immunity

Tempest is an angry storm cloud who is going to zap you if you're not careful.


Tempest is one of the best Thunder legends not named VoltaiK. He is very fast, very powerful and got tons of useful skills, including a multi-stun skill. He has heavy thunder damage, while really does help against the very common Water-type. None of skills suck, so his options are diversed, making it unpredictable and very dangerous. All of these made him more than worthy of the A+ rank.


  • He has a multi-stun move
  • His stats are very good, even his life is decent
  • He can also daze and blind, making it versatile
  • He has heavy thunder damage
  • His cooldowns are generally pretty low


  • His trait is...OK at best
  • He is generally very weak to Earth monsters because they can smack him down, but also Tempest can't stun because most of them are immune to stun


I don't wait the storm, I bring the storm!

  • Electric Surge
  • Whirling Gust/Eye of the Storm
  • Raging Thunderstorm
  • Flashing Strike
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune/2 Speed Runes, 1 Power Rune

By using Tempest, I highly recommend starting off by using Raging Thunderstorm, which stuns all your foes. Electric Surge also stuns, but only one target. Whirling Gust doesn't have any cooldown and dazes, but because Tempest's cooldowns are generally low, you can afford Eye of the Storm for massive thunder damage to one target. Flashing Strike blinds all the opposing team, which is sweet.


Tempest is extremely weak to Earth, especially those that are immune to stun. Brontes, Ouros and Minotaurus, for example, can all bring him down very easily. Tempest can also be stuned, frozen and possessed, which always help.

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