The Ringer
The Ringer
Rank: A-
Power: 3,388
Life: 31,969
Speed: 2,805
Trait: Attuned

The Ringer is a beast holding a giant bell, though he is very slow but powerful.

Overview Modifier

The Ringer is ranked A- in Viability Ranking because of his deadly skills, He is bulky, a bit strong and very slow... His trait is one of the worst traits in the game and his speed too... But he has a massive damage dealing AOE move, it's like Deadwolf's one shot kill but to all enemies.


  • High Health
  • He can make all target bleed with 70 damage AOE!
  • He has an Anti Timerion move
  • He can blind
  • He has got also an AOE nightmares


  • High cooldowns on his best moves
  • The worst trait in the game
  • Very low speed

Movesets Modifier

My ring is huge!

  • Blinding Buzz
  • Carillon
  • Dismal Chime
  • Death Knell
  • 3 Power runes

The ringer is all about dealing solid damage so 3 power runes are the best with him, Blinding Buzz deals OK damage and blinds enemy which increases his chances to miss you, Craillon deals heavy special damage with 0 coldown. Dismal Chime deals low dark damage to all enemies and gives them nightmares so it's always good while Death Knell, his best move deals MASSIVE dark damage to ALL and makes them BLEED so it's an overpowered move even with high cooldown.

 Counters Modifier

Timerion can be a good monster to use, Lux Aura and Layth are good light attackers to use and Varuna or Caillech are good for freezing and/or stuns while Eggeater or Laomu is good to possess him.