Rank: D+
Power: 3,311
Life: 25,032
Speed: 3,003
Trait: Burn Immunity

Vadamagma is the Fire-type breedable Legendary monster. As expected, he is rather weak like most breedable legendaries.


Vadamagma is not very good. It does do quite a good job early on in the game, but once you get any other Fire-type monster in an event, it becomes quite useless. All Vadamagma can do is burn and do damage. This makes him a rather weak and not very useful monster. Vadamagma does shine in some aspects of the game, but he is always overshadowed by others.


  • His moves have very low cooldown and good power
  • His power is quite high for a breedable legendary


  • He can only burn and do damage...that's it
  • He is very slow
  • His life isn't very good
  • His burn immunity is kinda useless


Burn Baby Burn!

  • Fire Trap
  • Portable Vulcano/Mars Punch
  • A lot of Magma
  • A lot of Celsius
  • 3 Power Runes

Because he is so slow and won't outspeed anything, you better off using him all the way for damage as that is what he does the best. Fire Trap burns everyone, which is nice. Portable Vulcano doesn't have any cooldown and burns, but Mars Punch is more powerful. A lot of Magma deals a good chunk of fire damage, burns and has no cooldown, easily your best move here. A lot of Celsius is your most powerful move with a nice 60 base power.


Water-type monsters are very common and any of them can easily beat Vadamagma by freezing it and doing strong damage. Any monster immune to burn has an advantage over Vadamagma. Vadamagma is very slow and has low life, which is a pretty bad combo. That makes him an easy target for a fast and powerful monster.

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