Here is the arena's viability ranking from SS-rank to E-rank. S is the most useful choice of monster to add in your team and E is not recommended. Only legendary monsters are covered, since you have no reason to use lower rarity monsters when you have three or more legendaries. Characters in the ranks are listed in alphabetical order.

SS rank Modifier

Restricted to the best of the best in Monster Legends. These monsters play better than any monster in the game. While some are dependent on teammates, they are still good monsters to add into your team.


S rank Modifier

Restricted to monsters rivaling the ones in SS rank only to have lost due to either a bad move or worse stats.


A Rank Modifier

Restricted to monsters that perform very well in the Monster Legends metagame. They are very good choices for your team.


A +



B Rank Modifier

Restricted to monsters with average performance in the Monster Legends metagame. They are considered as viable options for your team.




C Rank Modifier

Restricted to monsters that have flaws in the current metagame, but can still perform well in some occasions.




D Rank Modifier

Restriced to monsters that are mediocre to poor in the current metagame. Using these monsters in your team is generally not recommended.




Epic Rank Modifier

Restricted to monsters so horrible, they are beaten by Epics.




Currently AnalysedModifier

These monsters are currently analysed and everyone is free to discuss about their possible change in comment section below.

Please let us know what do you think. Should these rank change happen? Should they stay where they are? Are there any other rank you want to discuss?

New MonstersModifier

This section is for new monsters in which their rank is to be discussed. There will always be suggestions of rank, but you don't have to limit your opinion to those. Express yourself and after a couple days, they will get their rank. Always remember that ranks are not fixed and are always moving.

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