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This is a competitive guide for the appstore game "Monster Legends". Our main goal is to introduce new players into the competitive metagame, and show guides. Enjoy!

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Dec/9/2017 - Added nemesis to Viability Ranking and Top Pages

New Article Addition

The new addition to wiki articles, BOOK ANALYSIS. This will analyse how good monsters are for each book and team wars, and their overall ranking. For an exemplatory page, look at Caillech.

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Welcome this weeks spotlighted monster...
The Undertaker
The Undertaker is the new monster introduced in the Hell-oween race. He has a revival move, and strong attacks. He will make the streets run with blood.

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Enypiast -- Baba Yaga -- Killeraptor Enypiast ThumbBaba Yaga ThumnKilleraptor Thumb

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This week, we have 1 possible change.

Kassia A+ >> A-

Discuss these changes in the Viability Ranking comments.


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