Zyla the Faithful
Zyla the Faithful
Rank: AA
Power: 3,421
Life: 25,334
Speed: 3,498
Trait: Bulwark

Zyla the Faithful is a VIP monster, which means it needs to be bought with real money.

Overview Modifier

Zyla is basically a VoltaiK rip-off. It got extra turn moves and all that crazy stuff. On top of that, it got higher power and a better trait in the VIP-only trait: bulwark, which reduces status effects accuracy by 50%. So, basically, it would be stronger than VoltaiK, right? Wrong. VoltaiK has 4 extra turn moves while Zyla has only 3. It might not sound like a big deal, but it actually does when you consider the fact that the AI isn't going to play the monster properly because of the only move that doesn't give an extra turn. Zyla also has massive cooldowns, and is also recommended, because of the fact that they cost $20. That means Zyla is less effective for defending your account and in team wars. However, Zyla is still very dangerous and while not being SS rank like VoltaiK, she still got the very solid AA rank in the Viability Ranking.


  • Zyla can attack over and over and over again until her stamina is depelled, if it isn't a CPU.
  • Zyla got a good amount of power and speed.
  • She can inflict status effects like daze.
  • While attacking, she got higher chances to get her special move.


  • One of her extra turn moves are a 10 base power, 2 of them need cooldown, so you have to spam that one sad move
  • She has very low HP.
  • She needs stamina, which means she is probably going to get outsped.
  • Worse moves than VoltaiK
  • Is a VIP, (Harder to level up)

Movesets Modifier

  • Fast Chains
  • Agony Chains
  • Affliction Chains
  • Direct Slaughter/Clamant Havoc
  • 3 Stamina Runes/2 Stamina Runes, 1 Speed Rune/2 Stamina Runes, 1 Power Rune

Use the first three moves all the time. You won't even use the last move. Direct Slaughter makes Zyla gain precision and Clamant Havoc gives bleed to the target. Affliction Chains also give daze, so make sure you daze all your foes while attacking.

Counters Modifier

Ouros eats Zyla for breakfast by returning the damage and using his powerful Earth moves. Instant death is also dangerous for Zyla as it makes her limited in her turns, much like VoltaiK. Even with bulwark, it is possible to stun or freeze Zyla. VoltaiK can also defeat Zyla with enough support, but with some trouble.

Controversy Modifier

There are many controversies about Zyla's rank and position. The fact of the matter is, Zyla cannot be an SS rank yet. Unless Zyla gets a buff or redone - she will stay at the A-S rank, or possibly to S. So as a warning, the position of Zyla may change frequently.

Here's a clip from an article describing how VoltiaK is better

"Why is Voltaik better than Zyla? Well one could argue that 1) Zyla has better stats in every way. And 2) Her moves do more damage since they do heavy damage to an opponent. Now both are great arguments, however Voltaik has an answer. To start off, even though it looks like doing Zyla's strongest move, Affliction Chains will do more damage because we are comparing it to Voltaik's static shocks and Heavy>Moderate AND she has a slightly higher strength stat she sould win right? Well at this point, you probably know that I'm going to say No, that is not the case. Why, because of the residual damage static shocks does to the opponent and how the residual damage is the part of the move that does the most damage, Voltaik is still BARELY stronger in terms of damage dished out by their strongest move. And static shacks has only 1 turn cooldown compared to Zyla's 2 turns. And the stats part?Well, while having higher stats helps her case, she has already lost. How?! Shadow her stats are higher and...!! Shhhh, lets explain. Remember that they are still DAMAGE DEALERS, so as long as Voltaik deals more damage than Zyla, she can't beat Voltaik."

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